Weird Story Time

By: Steve Leland

Don’t hold me to the details because I’m going from memory that dates a good while back, but I remember hearing about a missionary and his wife who went to a very remote location to reach out to a tribe who were quite savage. The short version is that they got separated and she was captured. Did I say that they were extremely savage? You can use your imagination as to what happened next.

In extreme despair, the missionary left the area and struggled with his relationship with Yah for years. As he healed, he felt Yah directing him to return to the people that he originally had felt called to. It was a struggle, but he finally went. When he got there, he found them surprisingly open to the gospel. He asked them what had changed, and they shocked him with their answer. They explained that Yeshua was in his wife and was now within them. I was relating this story to a friend and he got this strange look on his face. “So that’s what happened!” he exclaimed. Then he proceeded to tell me a story of a missionary couple whose child was taken in the same way. They went through the same broken-heartedness and despair. And they were eventually directed by Yah back to the perpetrators who stated that they knew Yeshua and that they were waiting to be taught more.

Fast forward to when a friend of mine was working in Iraq and became acquainted with some Ugandans. They enjoyed eating with their fingers and explained that they could feel the spirit(s) that were left in the food by the preparers. In fact, that is how the president of their country is protected from poisoning; the official tester doesn’t even have to taste it but can feel the vibes. It may be that it is better to go hungry than to ingest the spirits placed in food by people who don’t have a good heart. Proverbs 17:1 Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife (KJV). But the corollary is that you can serve up the heart of Yah without ever saying a word. The next time that you cook, or even deliver food, think and pray about what is flowing through your hands into the food. You can bless your enemies in more than one way by feeding them.
By: Steve Leland

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