By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

When master plumber Greg Tarpley, his wife Beverly, and their sons Kyle and Jesse decided to build a legacy through T & T Plumbing and Mechanical, they had no idea that their reputation for excellent service at more than reasonable prices would grow so fast that they would need to recruit experienced journeymen this early in the game. But, here they are, and the purpose of this article is to let you know about T & T Plumbing and Mechanical in case you are looking for an outstanding plumber, and if you are a certified, hardworking, teachable journeyman with integrity and a team spirit, T & T is looking for you.

By way of background, Greg is a certified master plumber who spent nearly 14 years travelling all over the south working for a major poultry processing corporation. He not only had to deal with the plumbing “side of the house,” but he was responsible for all the machinery. The time came, as it does for so many of our Athens Now clients, when the desire to be an entrepreneur outweighed the security of a job with a large corporation, so he struck out on his own in 2017. At that time, his wife Beverly had built her career in the logistics and administration field, but Bev got bitten by the “business bug” as well, and joined him in 2018. Together, the Tarpleys work hard, help each other, love their neighbors and veterans, and they want you to know that they are hiring. If Greg were to have a “sit down” with you, either to meet your plumbing needs or to hire you, this is what he would say:

“We are a family owned and operated business out of Anderson, AL. We strive to supply each and every customer with the best support and expertise to fix any problems or concerns they may have. Not only do we fix the problem at hand, we also try to educate each customer as to how to prevent the problem from happening again. Not everything is preventable, but some things are.

Our work speaks for itself, whether it’s a dripping sink or a new construction home, no job is too big or small. We offer full service and emergency service around the clock to help out with those pesky late night mishaps to “get you going back” as quickly as possible. We have 25 years combined experience in the field, and we at T & T Plumbing and Mechanical look forward to serving you and our friends, neighbors, and valued customers.”

If it fell upon Beverly to do the interviewing for a potential addition to Team Tarpley, here is what she would say:

“We are looking for someone with two years experience as journeyman. To start off, the position will be around 25 hours per week, with the hope of it becoming 30+ quickly. Besides being able to pass all the necessary background checks, they need to be teachable. That person needs to have their own tools, as well as the understanding that while there may be more than one way to solve a problem, at the end of the day it is Greg’s name and reputation that is on the line. Greg absolutely loves to mentor people who are looking for a career, and he taught our sons well. They brainstorm for sure, but the buck stops with Greg. We rotate who is on duty for the weekend, who will cover the 911 calls as part of our 24/7 service. If you are on for the weekend, you get $100 plus your hourly wage if you get a call. You get the $100 even if there are no calls. You will get a paid a one week vacation after one year, and we are moving toward the possibility of offering benefits soon.”

T & T Plumbing and Mechanical services North Alabama and Southern Tennessee, and their base of satisfied customers within their service radius is growing every day.

Anyone who knows Beverly knows she has a trademark smile and twinkling eyes to match. It was through that grin that she said to me, “We need someone we don’t need to babysit, and we need them yesterday!” If that is you, then go to Facebook or give T & T Plumbing and Mechanical a call today. If you are the right fit, they are ready to have you get started!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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