1-16-2015 11-15-25 AMOne great thing about the holidays is you get to see so many people you haven’t been able to see all year. So you whip out the camera and start taking pictures. While everyone else is pointing and clicking with their phone, I have to whip out the old camera and try to get one or two good pictures. My problem is I have big thumbs that show up in at least one or two, and I can’t always remember how I worked the camera last time. I have deleted a lot of these photos. Fortunately, at the Center for Lifelong Learning, we have a wonderful instructor who can help us take better pictures. Cindy Cummings, owner of Southern Exposure Photography, will be teaching a class – Better Family Pictures - that is open to the public on Saturday, January 31, 10:00am-12:00pm, at the Center for Lifelong Learning. This course will focus on improving your photos, no matter what your skill level or what camera you use. Topics include lighting, posing, perspective and more! The fee for the class is $45. 1-16-2015 11-15-34 AM Cindy also teaching a private camera class for those who would rather have the one-on-one experience. In that class, you bring your camera and booklet and she will show you everything you always wanted to know about your camera. Classes are scheduled by appointment only, Monday – Friday. The fee is $65 for two hours of personalized training. You may not know it, but the Center for Lifelong Learning has a whole library of online courses for those who don’t have time to come to class. There are even photography classes available. Discover Digital Photography is a broad overview of the basics of photography including equipment, software, and practical uses. The Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera class focuses on the many aspects of outdoor photography as well as your camera controls and features. For the traveler, there is a class called Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer. This class addresses the special needs and techniques digital photographers need to capture scenes from around the world and bring them home. 1-16-2015 11-15-47 AM When you get your picture home, you will want to store then and get them ready to display. You can take the online Photoshop Elements 11 for the Digital Photographer class. Learn how to use the application to do everything from quick fixes to detailed enhancements that will greatly improve the look of your images. Our online classes are available every month, last six weeks, and are fun and affordable. You can find more information on our courses at www.athens.edu/CLL. It is time for a new catalog at the Center for Lifelong Learning. Call our office at 256-233-8260 for more information, or you can look at the courses listed on our webpage – athens.edu/CLL. By: Wanda Campbell Center for Lifelong Learning - 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611 - 256-233-8262

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