October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Most of us know that exercise can help prevent (lower the risk) of breast cancer. Exercise can also increase the likelihood of a full recovery after treatment for breast cancer. Studies now show that many of the symptoms and side effects of breast cancer treatments (both physical and psychological) can be reduced or alleviated (including the symptoms of early menopause) with exercise. Below are some of the more notable benefits: increased ability to perform activities of daily living increased mobility and range of motion after a mastectomy decreased body fat increased lean muscle mass reduced loss of bone mineral density decreased nausea and fatigue that often comes with chemotherapy and radiation treatments improved mood and self esteem Exercise can be beneficial before, during and after diagnosis of breast cancer. Personal trainers are great people to help get you started on an exercise program to lower your risk of breast cancer or help you through treatment and recovery. If you are not comfortable at gym, an effective program can easily be accomplished in your home or the privacy of a personal trainer’s studio. By: Janet Hunt

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