12-19-2014 10-47-27 AMOne of my fondest memories of Christmas in and around New Orleans was visiting homes of family and friends near and far around the city. The night always proved to bring loud music, children tearing into Christmas gifts, and lots of good gumbo. It was always the same, from house to house. A big pot of gumbo would be on the stove with a low flame keeping it at just the right temperature for consumption. Each home had a different type, or should I say “style.” Everything from seafood to chicken and sausage gumbo lay waiting to be enjoyed. I myself like the chicken and sausage and want to share that recipe with you, Maybe it will become your favorite too. 12-19-2014 10-47-39 AM
12-19-2014 10-47-49 AM
By: Shelley Underhill 12-19-2014 10-48-03 AM 12-19-2014 10-48-12 AM 12-19-2014 10-48-21 AM

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