2-20-2015 1-42-53 PMWhat will it take for the human race to realize that we are becoming more and more vulnerable? I am in awe of even our government allowing hackers get close to some of our most important assets. We now have hackers able to get into our vehicle computers, and I wonder, what could they possibly do? Shut it down, lock up brakes, and mess with the steering? Then we hear almost daily that another major hospital, credit card company, or eatery has been hacked and our information is in the hands of strangers to do with what they want. Losing our identity is one of the most disabling situations anyone can be in. Try to get it back. It’s “funny” how a person’s personal information can be lost due to a financial institution’s lack of security. They were responsible for the information in the first place. My question is, can you get a monetary settlement from them?

2-20-2015 1-43-08 PM

I was in a small store in Alabama a while ago, and the store owner was showing me around and what he had for sale. I noticed an older woman sitting at a desk working on what it seemed to be his books. I asked why he wasn’t using a computer to help with the workload. His answer was classic. He said that this woman has worked with him for years, knows the business, has never crashed her hard drive, works when the power is out, and can’t be hacked.

I realize that we need computers in today’s world, but it seems that computers were supposed to be a tool to help us. Now it seems we all need them just in order to function, and that is scary. We as a people socialize using the computer. It seems like we don’t need to talk or interact via face-to-face meetings anymore. Everything can be done by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues. We also attack each other using the computer, and we can spread rumors or hurtful things through the system so that anyone and everyone can see it. This bothers me deeply. Sit at a restaurant and just look around. Watch to see how many people are talking to each other, vs. those who have their heads stuck in their smart phone.

2-20-2015 1-43-19 PM

Every time you use your credit card or debit card in a restaurant or coffee shop, you have given your information to that corporation which has been shown to be vulnerable to hacking. I’m not saying that we should stop using technology in our everyday lives, I just wish that corporations would put in place better firewalls to protect our information. Then again, those who write these programs can also hack them, which is also a scary thought.

11-21-2014 6-52-14 PMAnother situation that has grown to be a major problem is BULLYING using Facebook and other social media sites. We have children and teens taking their own lives because of this problem. How do we as adults address this? My opinion is that these children are bullies, and in order to stop this problem, keep your children off Facebook. Instead, they should try talking to their friends in person or on the phone. If you are stupid enough to put your life on Facebook for the world to see, you deserve what comes your way. Look at yourself as a bank. Years ago, you kept your thoughts and personal information locked up to keep it safe from other people. Now we are opening the door for the world through Facebook and have become a possible target or a statistic. Let’s think about again becoming the safest possible “bank” around, and make sure that only a trusted few have our “combination.”
As always, stay safe and aware.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

1-3-2015 2-51-07 PMIt’s dark and late, and you’re walking to your car. You see a person pull a driver out of their car at gun point. What should you do? Call the police. But then what? What is your responsibility at this point? This is a scene that occurs way too often, and nothing seems to be done.

The best thing you can do at this point is to be the best witness that the police can have. First, make sure you are in a safe area. Once safe, then get as good a description of the criminal as possible. Things that you need to report are size, sex, and any distinguishing features of the criminal. Note which way the person went and how the victim is doing. These situations are always hard to get involved in, and we’ve been told not to get involved for too long. It’s time for those days to go away.

1-3-2015 2-51-41 PM

We now live in a world where you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings because of criminals, and we are becoming outnumbered. Now we need to watch out for each other. The first thing people will want to point out is that’s why we pay the police officers. The police cannot be everywhere, and rarely, through no fault of their own, can they do anything to prevent a crime.
The responsibility for your safety and security is yours. Not only is it your responsibility to protect yourself, you should take on the responsibility for helping protect those around you if you are able. If you saw a child playing on the swings and fell, wouldn’t you go and help? What if you saw an auto accident; wouldn’t you stop to help? All I am saying is to extend your sphere of protection a little bit.

1-3-2015 2-51-17 PMWe hear commercials for home security systems. We hear people that advocate for the safe use of guns in the home. None of these things makes a difference if you don’t take matters into your own hands and take the necessary moves to protect yourself. It comes down to this simple question: Are you prepared? Are you prepared to defend your home against anything? And, I do mean anything: fire, intruders, and safety issues alike. It is not the fire department’s responsibility to make sure you do not leave your iron on, so why do people think it is the police department’s responsibility to keep you safe?

I am in no way saying that the police aren’t doing their job, but there is a limit as to what they can do and when they can arrive to help. These men and women work long, hard hours and put their lives on the line every day. Yet, some people think that the police are there to take care of every little thing. We laugh when we hear the 9-1-1 calls that come from the person waiting in line because the restaurant ran out of a menu item. Let’s quit depending on our police officers for our every security need. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, your family, and your friends/neighbors.
By: Brian Black, Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 US Highway 31 South, Athens, Alabama 35611

1-3-2015 2-51-30 PM

12-19-2014 11-30-04 AMWell, it’s been 4 years now since my wife and I moved to the great state of Alabama, and we have found the people of Alabama to be warm and welcoming. We have met a lot of people that have become close, and hopefully lifelong friends. We look forward to a long and happy life here in Alabama with my adult children, and my adult and young grandchildren who reside here now too. The holiday season is a time to reflect and be thankful for the people you have in your life. Being here in Athens for the holidays makes it that much sweeter.

12-19-2014 11-30-27 AM

Here are some suggestions to keep your family safe during this holiday season.
The winter holidays are a time for celebration, which means decorations and more cooking.
• Use caution with all holiday decorations whenever possible. Choose flame-resistant, flame-retardant, non-combustible materials.
• Inspect all previously used light strings, replace damaged items before plugging in the lights. Do not overload outlets or strips.
• Keep children and pets away from light strings and electrical decorations.
• Before decorating outdoors, make sure all electrical decorations and lights are designed for outdoor use.
• Turn off all lights before bed.
• In homes with small children, be aware of the decorations that you use. Be cautious with sharp or breakable items.
• Be careful with food items on your tree. Children may not realize that they are not edible and several things could be dangerous to pets.
• Be careful with candles, and if possible, use warmers instead. Never leave anything with an open flame that can be tipped over or is too close to the tree or other flammable materials.12-19-2014 11-30-13 AM
• Poinsettias are beautiful but, they are poisonous to humans and animals. Use care when decorating with real ones.
• Cooking is one of the things that can be the most enjoyable during the holiday season. If you are cooking and entertaining with children in the house, be sure that someone can keep an eye on them at all times. Burns are especially common around the holidays.
• Be careful with spices and flavorings that you have out while cooking. Several smell really good, but taste awful and have a high alcohol content which can put children at risk of choking and poisoning.
• Use caution while shopping. Unfortunately, the holidays are prime time for people to steal.
• For men, transfer your wallet to your front pocket. It is almost impossible for a pickpocket to get at it.
• Ladies, keep your purses closed while shopping. Try to keep at least the straps wrapped around your wrist while your purse is in a buggy.
• Don’t lay your wallet out on a counter while you are checking out.
• Avoid carrying too much cash. If you are carrying a lot of cash, separate it into small bundles.
• When you get to your car, load your purchases, get in the car, lock the doors and leave the parking lot. Take care of the receipts when you get home. Sitting in a car sorting out receipts and your checkbook is a prime opportunity for a thief to strike or someone to stage a carjacking.

• If you plan to travel during the holidays, make sure you tell only the people that have to know that you’ll be away from your house.
• Have someone check on your house, put timers on your lights, have the post office hold your mail, and temporarily stop newspaper delivery.

I wish one and all a joyous Holiday Season, and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

As always be safe, and have fun!!
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

12-5-2014 3-52-02 PMDriving is a privilege, not a right. That being said, there are lot of people who practice this privilege. Some of us have been driving longer than we were in school, longer than we’ve been married, some longer than there have been traffic lights, and some are just starting to learn to drive.

I’m not big on special restrictions for drivers, but I do think NASCAR has the right idea: put a yellow stripe on the back of cars to indicate that the driver is inexperienced and should be treated with caution.

I will not jump into the debates about speed limits, seat belts, or helmets for bikers. These are laws that should be followed until they are repealed. I do want to talk about a couple of simple, yet overlooked issues that we as drivers face every day.

12-5-2014 3-52-31 PM

Road Conditions:

This is one of the biggest reasons for accidents that drivers encounter. Let’s be honest, it’s not the road conditions that cause the problems; it is our lack of adapting to these road conditions that causes accidents. When it is raining, snowing, icy or foggy, SLOW DOWN!

If you have to travel during these bad conditions, plan your trip better. Plan to arrive later or earlier in order to adjust. Also, make sure that there is plenty of braking room between you and the car in front of you and start braking earlier when coming up to stop signs, traffic lights, and ALL intersections.
When driving on ice, don’t unless you have had lots of experience driving on ice. Even if you are experienced, proceed with caution. If you are reading this article, chances are you live in the South and know we don’t get a whole lot of ice, and you have seen what happens when we do. If you are one of our cousins from the North, trust me you’re not much better driving on ice than we Southerners are so stay off the roads. Please. But, bless their hearts, they won’t listen.

Parking Areas:
What? Parking Areas? That’s not driving! I know, but this is an area where the little things cause problems.

First, let me rant for a moment. If you are not handicapped, please don’t park in these spaces! I will take it a step further: the only people that should park in handicap areas are people who are truly handicapped or those who are transporting them. Just because you have a handicap placard does not mean you should use it.

11-21-2014 6-52-14 PMNow, on to parking. Please make sure your vehicle is fully in the parking space with enough space around you so people parked next to you can get into and/or out of their vehicle without hitting your car with their door. You also need to be able to get into and out of your car without hitting the car next to you with your doors.

Another overlooked issue is walking in the parking area. When you are walking from the store to your car, be mindful of cars trying to back out a parking space. Many fast food restaurants have parking areas in the same areas as their drive-thru windows and have entrances/exits in these areas as well. Be mindful that even though you have the right of way, the drivers leaving the drive-thru may be distracted and not see you. Children are the most vulnerable in parking areas, so let’s keep them safe.

As with all things in security, your best defense is to be aware of your surroundings.
By: Brian Black, Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

12-5-2014 3-52-23 PM

11-21-2014 6-52-04 PMIt’s that time of year when we start planning for the Thanks- giving travels. Last year AAA estimated that over 3 million people would travel over 50 miles for Thanksgiving celebrations, just imagine how many will be traveling across town to Grandma’s house for lunch.

The best way to stay safe is planning. You should plan to leave your house a little earlier than normal, in anticipation of others on the road that decided to wait until the last minute to leave and are now in a hurry to get to their destination before the Turkey gets cold. And make sure you are not feeling the effects of the Tryptophan before you drive home. That is if you go home.

11-21-2014 6-52-22 PM

A “tradition” that some people have is to stay up after the Thanksgiving meal and go to the mid- night openings of retail stores. These people are easy to spot, they will start gathering at 9:00 or 10:00 pm and stand in line outside these retail stores, even if it is cold and raining. This is a time when you need be observant of all things and people around you. You probably will not have any problems until those doors are opened. When they are that’s when friendly easy going people turn into creatures you normally see on Halloween.

Be careful of the stampede going in to the stores, there are always reports of people getting injured during these times. I would advise not taking small children with you; but if you must take small children with you, hold on to them; it would be real easy to have children injured or get away from you and ruin the whole “fun” experience.

11-21-2014 6-52-14 PMWhile shopping on Black Friday, be aware of all kinds of crimes that can take place. Credit card number theft is one of the more popular crimes. Individuals working in teams can steal your credit card number before you realize what is happening. There are a couple of things you can do to eliminate this threat. Try to use checkouts that allow you to swipe your card. If you must hand your card to the cashier, try to maintain visual contact with your card at all times. Don’t be distracted by someone behind you or another cashier; they could be working as a team to steal your credit card number. The theft works this way. The person to whom you have given the card has a card capture device hidden. While the other person distracts you, they capture your card number and the deal is done. You probably won’t know about it until January.

One final thought on Thanksgiving. As you gather with your family, remember the reason why we celebrate. We are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the history of the world. We have been blessed with resources and talents beyond all others.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to always remove the bag from the turkey before you cook it.

So just be vigilant this Thanksgiving — have fun, be safe and be aware.
By: Brian Black, Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

11-21-2014 6-52-43 PM 11-21-2014 6-52-36 PM

11-7-2014 3-02-11 PMI’ve been thinking, and my wife shudders when I say that. Here we are with problems throughout the world, from poverty to Ebola to the Islamic State, no matter what country it shows up in. We have a President that seems to be disconnected from the rest of us. He doesn’t want to have boots on the ground to fight the IS. It seems like it’s always too little, too late. I don’t want to see our troops going back again to fight, to lose another soul, and never have the chance to finish the fight.

So here is my thought process, and just so you won’t worry like my wife, this is tongue-in-cheek. We have our own terrorist groups in this country, known as gangs. We have the Crips, the Bloods and M3, along with the Latin kings. We don’t seem to have enough room in our prisons to hold these guys, so let’s arm them with better guns and send them to the Mid-east to fight the terrorists there. This way they can see how tough they really are, and instead of taking over the streets in this country and bullying the people, take over the streets in Iraq or Iran. I would not let them back here, but they would be free to run around and cause havoc over there!

11-7-2014 3-02-36 PM

Now our government has added new problems for our cities and towns. We are letting people illegally into this country to form stronger gangs. I understand that we are arresting these illegals, putting them in jail, and then we release them. Again, what’s going on?

11-7-2014 3-02-23 PMI go to my office every day and arrive at approximately 7:30. I start up my computer, get my coffee and turn on the world news to try and keep abreast of what’s happening. As I sit at my desk, I begin to slip into a bad mood. It took me a few days to figure out how I could go to work in a good mood and then lose it. I finally realized that as I’m working, the world news is telling me all the stuff Congress is doing or not doing, how the IRS is lying to the Justice Department and nothing is being done, how we are sitting on our fannies watching as the IS is taking over more and more in the Mid-east. It seems our President does nothing but go play golf or attend fundraisers.
And we as a people are just as bad we sit here, waiting for our leaders to act. Now we have an Ebola scare, and again, what is going on? Why are we allowing flights from infected countries into the US and thinking that we won’t become infected? Oh, my bad, we are! According to our President, it won’t happen here. I am one person who doesn’t believe in anything our government says anymore, especially our President.

What ever happened with Bergdahl? What were the findings? Was he a deserter? We traded five known terrorists for him? Where are they now?

Benghazi-what really went on, Hillary? It does make a difference, in spite of what she said through tears.

Obamacare–why did we have that stuffed down our throats? We can keep what, again? Our doctors? Our insurance policies? Why are people going to lose hours or even their jobs because of Obamacare?

And the IRS, why are they above the law? If I lost information the Justice Department wanted, I would be in jail.

It goes on and on, and they wonder why we as Americans worry about our security, and who, if anybody in government can we trust to tell the truth. It’s my opinion that most people in government care more about their careers and pensions than the people they represent.

We have two more years of this government circus, then we as a people have a chance to vote new people into power and help America thrive, and its people prosper; that is, if in the next two years we haven’t destroyed any chance of recovery.

I really hate to sound so pessimistic, but I get tired of all the stuff the government throws at us thinking that we will eventually forget the mess-ups, and just go forward as SHEEPLE.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country. My son spent 20 years in the Army, I was in the Navy. We did our duty to this country as did many others, and are proud of it. I just want our leaders to step up and do their duty for this country and its people, and not pursue their own agenda.
As always, stay safe and aware. And don’t be afraid to question.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

When I lived in the Boston area, I could never grasp the idea of yard sales! Why would I want to buy something that was close to being thrown out? But there are a lot of people that swear by them. However, there are some hidden problems that you should be aware of when you are purchasing items from a yard sale.

10-17-2014 3-30-46 PM

• First off please park legally. Don’t leave your vehicle in the middle of the street because you noticed a deal. Also, don’t leave your vehicle running; it could be gone before you get back to it.
• Be careful what you purchase. Make sure that it’s not a recall item, especially baby goods. Items such as clothing, bedding could be infested with pests, so check for these issues if possible.
• Make sure that the yard sale is in a good area of the city.
• Don’t buy food items.
10-17-2014 3-30-37 PM• Don’t buy the yard sale staple, the treadmill (better known as a clothes hanger). I have hung three pants, two shirts, and a dirty sock on mine. Then you have the bike. You say it’s a good time to exercise, and it’s a great deal. So you purchase it , and then you sell it at your own yard sale a year later.
• Check electronic items for frayed wires and make sure they work.
If you are running the yard sale, there are a few tips that I believe could avoid problems.
• Have one person handle the cash.
• If you have a dog, keep the dog in the house or tied up. You don’t need a person saying they were bitten while on your property.
• Mark all your items clearly
• Make sure that household items are clean
• Always have a family member or friend help; you will need more than one pair of eyes to help keep thieves from stealing.
• If you are being robbed don’t be a hero. Give up the money and try to remember what they look like.
• Do not bring a stranger in your house, it could be a set up to rob you later.
• Keep a cell phone handy so you can call the police if needed.
• If possible have small children stay with a friend or hire a sitter to watch them. You don’t need to lose focus on the people at your house because of children running around.

10-17-2014 3-30-27 PMI don’t want to sound negative about the yard sale. There are some good deals to be had at these events. I know of people that drive around like panthers on the hunt for prey, ready to pounce on a yard sale. It’s like an addiction. They look at the paper to see when and where they are and then plan out a strategy on how and when to hit each one. It’s the HUNT. It’s every man for themselves with these people. They will stop on a dime without notice when they see a yard sale. They will park in the road, get out of the car, and walk into moving traffic as if they are in a trance, so be careful. At least there are signs posted most of the time letting people where these events are being held and at what times. Avoid these areas if possible if you don’t want to get caught up in the yard sale frenzy.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

10-3-2014 1-50-48 PMIt’s sad to say, but Halloween is no longer the fun kid time of my youth. I remember dressing up as a ghost; you know, you would take an old bed sheet throw it over your head, and hope no one poked your eyes out. Holes were cut where your eyes should be so you could see where you were going. Or, if you were lucky, you went to the Big K and bought a costume. Mine was C3PO.

10-3-2014 1-51-21 PM

If you lived in the city, your parents would let you walk around the neighborhood with your friends. Maybe a parent walked with you, but more often than not, the group just walked together and no one bothered them. Afterwards your parents would take you to family and friends’ houses to trick or treat. You would get all kinds of goodies in your brown paper bag. Remember? The one you spent f-o-r-e-v-e-r drawing the jack-o-lantern or bats on during art class at school? My favorite goody was the popcorn balls and caramel covered apples made by hand. You would go home and pour out your haul on the kitchen table and start to devour it. Now those were the good old days.
However, those days are long gone. Now you have to worry about every little thing, because if you don’t Halloween could be a disaster that will haunt you the rest of your life.9-19-2014 2-37-50 PM Hopefully, these suggestions will limit the problems you may encounter as you take your children out for a night of trick or treating.

• When you are purchasing your child’s costume, remember to pick up some reflective tape to put on the costume or get a reflective bag for the candy; this will make your children more easily seen.
• Plan your route; only go to areas that you are familiar with. If possible let your family and friends know when you are coming by.
• If you want to go walking in your neighborhood, take a flashlight and walk in well-lit areas.
• Never go to a house wher you are not acquainted with the residents.
• Unlike in the good old days, you can’t let your children go out by themselves. There are older kids that may want to play pranks on them. Worse yet, there could be adults that would do harm to your child.
• Even though you know the people you are going to visit, be careful of unwrapped goodies.
• If you are new to the area, you might need an alternative solution to the trick or treating activity. Let me make a suggestion: some churches and civic groups in the area will have a night of activities for the kids. This would be a good way to meet other parents with children of similar ages and will most likely be in a safe environment for the children.
• Regardless of which method you wish to use, please do not advertise that you are not at home on the social media and leave some lights on.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.
By: Brian Black, Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

10-3-2014 1-51-09 PM

Let’s Talk About Onions

9-19-2014 2-37-39 PMIn all of the articles we have shared over the years, we have often talked about how to secure your home, your personal information, and your family. Individually, these articles have good information and will help you in certain situations. However, if you take this information and apply it to other aspects of your life, you will see that security is like an onion, it has many layers that build on each other. Let’s look at the broad scope of securing you family and property.

9-19-2014 2-37-57 PM

OUTSIDE: With securing any property you must start outside. Your perimeter needs to be as secure as possible. This can be achieved by using fencing, shrubs and lighting. The idea is to give any would be intruders a moment to think, “Do I really want to go to this much trouble?”

NEIGHBORS: Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors can help you keep your family and home safe. If you are out of town or at work, they often help keep watch while you are gone. Work together and form a neighborhood watch. Because you and your neighbors will know each other more, you will know if there is something wrong more quickly. A good example of this is if a strange repair vehicle is in the driveway, your neighbor would most likely come over to investigate and then give you a call to confirm the person is legitimate.

INSIDE: You want to make sure that you have adequate doors and windows. Don’t take the cheap way out. Spend the extra money to get high quality doors and windows. When purchasing, make sure you check the security rating; you should get at least a 4 star rated door or window. Not only will you improve your security, you will improve the energy efficiency of you home. You may also consider adding a monitored security system to your house for fire and security reasons. Also make sure your fire extinguisher is properly charged.

9-19-2014 2-37-50 PMOPPORTUNITY: Take time to look around for opportunities to improve your home security. This can be adding equipment to your existing home security system, or simply looking for gaps in your plan. Do you have a plan? If not, make one. Plan what you will do during severe weather, fire and home invasion situations. Have a safe place for your kids. Take the time to come up with different scenarios and plan for those. Obviously, you can’t plan for all scenarios, but the key is to have a core set of responses. When this is accomplished, most scenarios will be covered.

NEGLECT: Don’t neglect your responsibility. Ultimately, your family’s security and safety is up to you. The Police and Fire Department may be miles away. You may be the one to have to deal with the situation, so be prepared. Take the time and initiative to really learn how to use a fire extinguisher, learn about your neighbors, and don’t be afraid to take action.

Hopefully, you have seen that security for your family is not a simple one-size-fits-all thing. Security is built on layers like an ONION, but if not done correctly it could stink.
By: Brian Black, Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 US Highway 31 South, Athens, Alabama 35611

3 Hens & A Chick Quilt Shop

9-5-2014 3-25-35 PMWatch the news, and unfortunately you hear of more home invasions. What is causing this to happen? Is it someone looking to steal from you for their drug habit? Does a person have a situation with a family member and want to harm them? No matter what the reason, it’s a scary situation. The chances are good that you will never feel safe again in the house where you and your family were violated.

9-5-2014 3-25-59 PM

Home invasions are sometimes looked at as a burglary, not as a separate crime. They are not classified as a home invasion, and the statistics are not tracked. Normally a burglary is done during the day time when the resident is at work or school. This way burglars are not confronted and do not have to run. By contrast, a home invasion is typically done at night, when the intended target is at home. The perpetrators of a home invasion strike for different reasons: women living alone, seeking money or drugs, and this type of crime can more easily be designed to cause harm to the resident. The targeted home is most likely was scoped out for a period of time, and the invader knows exactly when they are at home. The elderly are also targeted by these people, because they know that it would be hard for the elderly to defend themselves or may be forgetful and leave an entry or garage door open. As a neighbor, try to help out with making sure they do not become a statistic, either.

8-15-2014 4-04-18 PMWhen a home invasion occurs, the invaders will have you at a disadvantage. You are in shock for a moment before you do realize that you and your family are in danger. Hopefully the invaders will ask you where the items are that they want. Give them the information, and don’t try to be the hero. This could cause a family member to get hurt. Remember, you can replace material things, but not the people in your life that you love. During the invasion, be as observant as possible. Try to remember anything that would help the police with an investigation: hair color, tattoos, scars etc. Don’t ask questions, just comply with the demands of the invaders. The people that have invaded your home are the type that would harm you or your family without much provocation.

Some homes are built with a safe room where the family can go to when there is a home invasion, but most of us don’t have that luxury. So what can a person do to try and prevent becoming a statistic?
• Install solid core locks, and window locks
• Make sure that you have your doors locked and the garage door is also secured
• Don’t open the door to strangers at night, and install a peep hole
• Install a porch light that works by motion detection
• Alert your neighbors regarding suspicious solicitors
• Install motion detector lights in the back of the house
• Have a family plan is case of such a situation

I know that I have said this before but it’s worth repeating: don’t advertise that you have made a big purchase such as a big screen TV, or a new computer system. This sends a signal to home invaders that there are items in your home that are expensive.

I believe in one of the oldest tools known to mankind to prevent an invasion, a big dog! They are still one of the most reliable security tools available. They are the best early warning alarms I can think of. They will alert you of a problem and also try to protect you, their family.
As always, stay safe and aware.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

9-5-2014 3-26-14 PM