5-20-2016 3-10-54 PMThis edition, I want to give special attention to the ladies. I have more ladies than men attend my NRA pistol classes. Many ladies have a unique set of problems when selecting a handgun for self defense. The main problem is men! Too often, men try to select a gun for their wives or girlfriends. Me-thinks there is a nefarious plot here. Guns are to men like shoes are to women! I think the saying goes, “He who dies with the most guns wins?” Well, there might be a subtle “misquote” there, but I think you get the idea. If a man buys you a new gun and says, “Honey, look at the cool gun I bought for you, I want you to feel safe,” I hope you realize he just bought another gun (for himself).

5-20-2016 3-11-02 PM

Several years ago, I was working at a big box sporting goods store selling guns. I was helping a man select a handgun. It was near Christmas and the gun counter was packed with lookers and buyers. The man had selected a Glock 9mm and just as I was finishing up the paperwork, the man’s wife arrived. She asked “What on earth do you need another gun for? You have a whole safe full of guns!” The man looked at me with an expression which said, “Help me!” Well, I just had to put in my two cents worth so I said, “Asking a man why he needs another gun is like asking a woman why she needs another pair of shoes!” It took a few minutes for the laughter to die down among the mostly men crowded around the gun counter. The man left with a smile on his face, the wife, not so happy looking, even though she had a show box under her arm.

5-20-2016 3-11-14 PM

So, to make amends for the error of my ways, I want to offer some serious help for the ladies who want to buy a gun. Choosing a new gun is kind of like selecting a new boat. Whoops, I will say as little about new boats as possible. Forgive me, it’s a man thing. Guns, boats, trucks and dogs; sorry, we just can’t help it. When choosing a boat, you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to cross the Atlantic or paddle up the Elk River? Obviously, the same boat will not do both. It’s the same with guns. There are literally dozens; no hundreds of different sizes of guns. Ladies, you must ask yourself a number of questions.

A) Is this gun for self defense or target shooting?
B) Do you plan to carry the gun concealed on your person or in your purse? Are you going to keep it close by at home in a drawer or safe?
C) Are you of slim, light build, or are you a little sturdier? (I’m trying to be careful here)

5-20-2016 3-11-24 PMWhen choosing a gun, size matters. I often hear the ladies say, “Oh, I like that small one, I don’t want one that kicks so hard.” This is just the opposite of what they need. Fact: the smaller the size of the gun, the harder it will kick. The small, lightweight gun of the same caliber will have much more recoil than a larger heavier gun. The weight of the heavier, larger gun absorbs the kick or recoil. We also must take into consideration the caliber of the gun. Caliber is the size of the ammunition a specific gun uses. A study of calibers and bullet weights is a whole other lesson. Remember too, the larger caliber will have more ‘knock down power.” Putting that bluntly, the bad guy gets stopped.

Have you decided you want to carry concealed? If so, you will want a gun that is easily carried and small and light enough so you won’t decide to leave it at home, because it’s too heavy.
Remember, it’s a constant trade off in size, weight and caliber. A small gun will carry fewer bullets. A larger gun such as my Glock will hold sixteen bullets. Glock makes different sizes and calibers. Many popular guns for carrying concealed may only hold seven or eight bullets. There are some very small but powerful guns on the market that only have two shots available before reloading. Higher capacity guns are quite popular right now. But considering the facts of “close encounters of the deadly kind,” two shots are fired and at a distance of less than three yards.
Be on the lookout for part two…

Paul Foreman Is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Lee County, Florida.
For firearms training, Paul can be reached through E-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com. Paul is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, AHA Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR & AED.
By: Paul Foreman

5-6-2016 10-54-43 AMAs Kenny Rogers says, “You got to know when to walk away and when to run!”

In recent years, one law has taken center stage in the self defense debate. This is the infamous, “stand your ground law.” Alabama is a stand your ground state. Not all states subscribe to this law. The “stand your ground law” became famous several years ago in Florida. In this case, Mr. Zimmerman shot a young man named Travon Martin. In reality, “Stand your ground” had nothing to do with the case. All stand your ground means is, “If you are legally in a public or private place, you are NOT required by law to retreat if you are threatened.” Standing your ground may not always be the wisest thing to do.

Example: You are walking to your car after leaving work. You are not committing any crime. In the parking lot, you see three rough looking characters standing outside a car which is parked near your car. You feel confident; after all, you are carrying your new 45 caliber pistol with seven rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber, plus seven more hollow points in your spare magazine. You have practiced shooting at the range and you always hit your target. As you come nearer to your car and the three rough looking men, a chill runs down your spine. You hear one of the rough looking men say, “Here comes the little sissy now, this is going to be as easy as taking candy from a baby!”

5-6-2016 10-54-58 AM

The above scenario leaves you with several choices, not all of which may be legal. A) Confront the criminals with your gun drawn and demand they back off. B) Walk straight towards your car and wait for them to make the first move. C) When one of them pulls out a tire iron and comes toward you, you pull your gun and order him to back off. D) Walk straight back to the entrance to the building and a secure place, away from the threat.

Now let’s remember, you have a right to be there. You are not the one that is a criminal. Why should you retreat? Why should you ignore them and walk or run away? We could “what if” this scenario until the cows come home. But, in reality, you only have two options. One option is to avoid this situation any way possible. The other option is to stand your ground and reap the consequences. And just what will the consequences be if you defend yourself with your gun, against a deadly attack? I’ll bet if you ask George Zimmerman, who shot Travon Martin, who was slamming his head into the concrete, “Do you wish you had done something different”? He would most likely say, “I wish I had stayed in my truck and waited for the police.”

5-6-2016 10-55-08 AM

Mr. Zimmerman was found innocent by reason of self defense. But over the next several years, his nightmare went on and on. I happen to agree with the jury. Mr. Zimmerman was in fear for his life. His head was being beat against the concrete sidewalk. He paid for his choice to leave the safety of his truck. He went through the horror of being tried in the media and the courts. He was threatened by people who decided he was guilty, even though they did not know the facts. His family was torn apart, and finally, Mr. Zimmerman moved away from his home town.

I thank the LORD I never had to shoot anyone when I was a cop in Florida. But, I came real close to it a couple of times. On TV when a cop shoots someone, then blows the smoke out of the barrel and life goes on like nothing happened. Real life doesn’t always happen like on TV. I personally know several law enforcement officers who did use justified deadly force in the line of duty. Their life took on catastrophic changes.

The use of deadly force is only justified when you are threatened with death or great bodily harm. When I am teaching my firearms classes, I spend a good bit of time on self defense as well as the safe and proper use of firearms. If you have a gun for self defense, get properly trained. There is a whole lot more to shooting a firearm than just pulling the trigger.

For firearms training, Paul can be reached through e-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com. Paul is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. AHA Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR & AED. He is also a retired Deputy Sheriff, from Lee County Florida.
5-6-2016 10-55-20 AM

4-15-2016 5-35-24 PMIn the last issue of Foreman’s Forum we talked about the need for a proper, well made holster for your gun. Now we are going to talk about the various styles of holsters. There are some great ones out there which are available for those who either carry concealed or just want to keep a gun at home for self protection. There are also some holsters, in my humble opinion that you, need to stay far away from. So here is the good, the bad and the ugly.

The first group of holster styles I am going to discuss is the UNSAFE ones. These are the ones which, in my opinion, will get you into trouble. Now I am sure there are some who will disagree with me, just don’t do it where I get hurt, or I have to watch you get hurt.

4-15-2016 5-35-42 PM

Cross Draw Holsters: There used to be quite a few local, state and federal agencies who issued “cross draw” holsters. I used to work for one such agency. Not to mention their name, but it’s the one south of Alabama and Georgia. They no longer issue such holsters to their officers. The idea behind such a holster it is much more comfortable to wear and draw a “cross draw” while sitting in a car and driving for 8 hours or more. That’s where the good ends. During the action of drawing, the shooter in the very least, “flags” their other arm. By “flag”, I mean pointing the gun at something you do NOT want to destroy. The “cross draw” also flags other people who may be behind and to your side as you bring the gun around to point it at whatever is threatening you. Most shooting ranges have banned cross draw holsters for just that reason. Shoulder holsters also come into the same category as cross draw. They look good in the movies and TV, are easily concealed under a coat, but they are dangerous.

SOB holsters: No, not that kind of SOB. Small of the Back is what SOB stands for. Again, the dangerous part is who and what are you flagging when you reach behind your back and draw. If you were to fall, you could sure mess up your tailbone if you fell on your gun and it hit your spine.

Cheap nylon holsters: I mentioned this my last forum. Your holster MUST be designed to stay gapped open after you draw. Cheap nylon and some cheap leather holsters are just not designed properly.
Ankle Holsters: I wore an ankle holster when I was in uniform, for about 21 years. This was my “backup” if my duty weapon was empty, or got taken away. Until well designed high security retention holsters came into the market, some law enforcement officers were shot with their own gun. An ankle holster might be considered for citizens who carry concealed. Ankle holsters are great for when you are sitting, such as in a car. But, to draw the ankle rig, you must kneel down and pull your pant leg up, to draw the gun.

Belly band holsters: These are great for concealment but can be hard to access. These look like one of those weight reducing elastic girdles, with a pocket to hold your gun. I don’t recommend these unless you’re working deep undercover.

Belt holsters: Think of your belt as a clock with the buckle at twelve o’clock, the right hip is three o’clock and the center of your back as six o’clock. The two o’clock, three o’clock and four o’clock positions are all easily concealable, and readily accessible. Whether you use an inside the waist band or outside the waist band, it is entirely up to your preference and comfort. You must practice hundreds of times with an unloaded gun using your holster, so your muscle memory will kick in during a high stress incident.
The best holster is what works well for you. For concealed carry, you will need to wear clothes which cover the holster and gun. The holster should hug close to your waist. The holster must cover the trigger and should be specifically molded to fit your gun. Both women and men can wear jackets or shirts that are un-tucked and cover the gun. Don’t let your gun go naked!
For firearms training, Paul can be reached through e-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com. Paul is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. AHA Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR & AED, and is a retired Deputy Sheriff, from Lee County Florida.
4-15-2016 5-35-52 PM

4-1-2016 12-32-41 PMDo you have a NAKED gun? Please don’t let you gun go naked. You wouldn’t let your child go naked. You wouldn’t go out in public, naked, would you?

Seriously, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about how you carry your gun. Some people spend a lot of hard earned cash on leather or nylon holsters that do not work. Now think about this: when you first pick up your gun, you should be “indexing” your trigger finger. This means that you should be keeping your trigger finger OFF the trigger until you are on target. Your trigger finger should be above the trigger guard area, “indexed” or pointed straight forward alongside the frame. Your trigger finger should NOT be in or on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

4-1-2016 12-33-04 PM

A well designed holster actually aids in this very important part of picking up or drawing your gun. Several years ago, I read about an investigation into why so many people were having their gun go off “accidently.” The investigation found the shooters where keeping their finger on the trigger as the gun was re-holstered. As they shoved the gun into their holster, their trigger finger would catch on the edge of the holster, bushing the trigger finger up against the trigger! BANG! There was one particular brand of gun that seemed to have the most negligent discharges. It wasn’t the gun! It proved to be a fact that 70% of the shooters were using guns from this one manufacturer. No wonder 70% of the negligent discharges were from that model gun! These negligent shooters experienced the pain of shooting themselves in the leg as they re-holstered their gun.

Keep your finger OFF the “BANG SWITCH!” A well made holster will allow you to let the gun enter the holster with little effort. As you are drawing or picking up your gun, the holster should keep your finger off the trigger. This works properly, both for drawing from a belt holster or acquiring the gun from a drawer or safe. The sides of a properly designed holster will cover the trigger area, keeping your finger away from the trigger.

The same applies with re-holstering your gun. The top of the holster must remain gapping open after you draw so when you go to put the gun back into the holster, it is open and your finger automatically stays outside, away from the trigger.

A gun lying in the bottom of a woman’s purse is a serious accident waiting to happen. Mixing up a loaded gun with keys, lipstick, makeup kit, tissue paper, and who know what else, is NOT the safest way to carry a gun. There are some excellent holsters made of soft nylon with an outside that grips and stays in your purse as you draw the gun. With these “sticky holsters” you must remove the holster from the purse before putting the gun back in the holster. There are also some really finely made handbags for the ladies that are designed specifically to carry a gun.

This goes for you too, guys! “A 32 caliber gun in your pocket for fun” can result in a “not so fun” experience. What else ends up in your pocket beside “pocket lint?” Again, things like keys, coins, pack of chewing gum or pocket knives, can result in a bad experience when they get tangled up with your gun’s trigger.

There are some excellent leather holsters out there. Most shooters end up buying at least three or four holsters before they settle on one that works for them. In the last 10 years or so, a new material has become very popular and my favorite. It is called “Kydex” which is made in Israel. Some compare Kydex to the popular kitchen storage bowls, but a lot harder and stiffer. Kydex comes in a variety of colors including pink for the ladies, and of course black. Kydex holsters are molded to fit the exact gun that it is designed for. The newer ones have an adjustment screw to set the “retention” of the gun in the holster. My advice is to stay away from the soft nylon holsters except the “sticky” ones I mentioned above.

Don’t let your guns go naked!
By: Paul Foreman
Retired Deputy Sheriff, Lee County Florida.
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
AHA Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR & AED.
Paul can be reached through e-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com

Are You Safe In Church?

3-18-2016 11-30-19 AMAs any good preacher knows, sometimes you got to step on peoples’ toes. No offense is meant, and I hope none is taken. I have been told, “Paul, you are an EXHORTER.” I looked that up. Dictionary.com says exhort means “to urge, give advice, or caution earnestly, admonish urgently.” I exhort you who attend church, and especially Pastors, Priests, Rabbis and church administrators to take note: crimes can and do occur in churches. You can take actions to make your church safer.

Right here in Alabama, there have been crimes, even murders, committed in church on Sunday mornings. Some might say, “Paul, you are going to make people afraid to go to church!” I drove past the bank today, you know, the one which got robbed a couple of weeks ago. There were plenty of cars in the parking lot, people coming and going in and out of the bank. There sure did not seem to be any shortage of customers, even after the robbery.

3-18-2016 11-30-46 AM

I have had a number of experiences setting up church security ministries. Two different church administrations asked me to take on the task, and I commend them for their foresight and desire to maintain a safe church. We set schedules so that the volunteers would only need to serve once every 4- 5 weeks. We were given radios, and I held training classes so the volunteers would know what was expected of them, and especially what their limitations were.

I called it “The Prime Directive: Observe, Deter and Report.” I assigned men to watch over the children’s areas, entrances, and parking lots. They were instructed to keep a low profile. The security team was to look and act like a welcome team of greeters, not guards. Procedures were set in place to especially safeguard the nursery and pre-school age kids. There is not room here to cover the dozens of abduction cases I read about occurring across the country. I told the volunteer security team, “You might never know what dangerous event you prevented just by being there, standing by the entrance of the nursery area.”

In another state, a woman with obvious mental issues went into a church nursery saying she was there to pick up little Johnny. The staff refused to give up the child, and escorted the lady from the building. Local police were given a description of her, as well as her car’s tag number. A few minutes later, she tried at another church, but got the same reaction. At the third nursery, she walked right in, picked up a little one year old, and left. Minutes later, the real mother arrived, and they realized the horror of what had just happened. But, due to the well trained security teams at the two previous churches, the child was rescued fifteen minutes after the abduction occurred.

There was some opposition from a few church members. “Don’t you believe God will protect us?” There is a very “real to life” cautionary tale of a flood victim. Rescue personnel were sent to evacuate people as the flood waters rose. One man refused to leave his home, saying, “God will take care of me.” As the waters rose, he retreated to the roof. Rescue personnel came by in a boat trying to rescue him. Then a helicopter was sent. Each time he refused rescue, saying, “God will take care of me.” Well, the man drowned and went to Heaven. St Peter met him at the pearly gates. The man asked St Peter, “What happened? I thought God would save me from the flood!” St. Peter answered saying, “We did try to save you. We sent an evacuation team. We sent a boat and a helicopter. You refused our help each time!”

Just this month in Idaho, a pastor was shot. Pastors have been killed by ex-husbands and jealous boyfriends. Members of the choir have returned to the practice room to discover all the women’s purses missing. Deacons have been accosted as they took up the offering. Cars have been burglarized during church services. How long do we wait before some terrorist walks into a church service, here in America?

Should churches have an armed volunteer security team? If you do consider arming your security team, PLEASE, get them trained properly. I am a Certified Firearms Instructor.
I exhort you, Pastors and church administrators, lease take steps to make your members safe and secure.
Isaiah 62:6 On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; All day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves;

By: Paul Foreman
Retired Deputy Sheriff, Lee County Florida.?
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
AHA Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR, & AED.
Paul can be reached through e-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com

3-5-2016 10-25-45 AMPredators size up their prey before attacking. This is true for alligators, wolves, sharks, and it is also true for violently predatory humans. Be aware of your surroundings and who is watching your movements. It is much better to stay out of trouble in the first place than to shoot your way out of a life or death situation.

You need to be totally aware of who and what is around you. This applies whether you are pulling into a parking lot, walking into a store, or eating lunch at your favorite burger joint. In cop circles, we have what we call the “Gun Fighter’s Chair.” This was made famous by the gambler and gun fighter, known as Wild Bill Hickok, who met his demise sitting at a poker table with his back to the door. The killer approached from behind and shot Wild Bill in the back of his head. The former Sheriff of Abilene, Texas turned gambler and vagrant, was buried in Deadwood South Dakota. His twin six shooters were sold to pay for the burial plot. In his earlier days, Wild Bill would have always sat so he could see who was approaching him.

3-5-2016 10-26-00 AM

Now, I am not advising my readers to live like Wild Bill. But please do be aware of your surroundings. Walking with your nose in your smart phone could lead to more serious problems than walking into a light pole, or stepping into an open man hole. Just last week, a local bank was robbed. I use that bank all the time. Due to the “gun-free” sign on the window, I always store my firearm in my locked console before dismounting from my truck. I can honestly say that makes me feel naked! Feeling naked, I look around to see if anybody is looking at my 67 year old body. Seriously, I do look around. Is a shady character sitting in his car with the engine running? As I approach the door, is there anything unusual going on inside?

The same procedure with “stop and robs.” I mean, convenience stores. Yes, I have actually backed out and left due to not so pleasant looking characters hanging around the outside of a store. Pay attention to your surroundings, and you will be able to avoid trouble. With proper situational awareness and conflict avoidance skills, you will be able to avoid situations which “less-aware” individuals might walk right into.

3-5-2016 10-26-19 AM

WHEN IN DOUBT, GET OUT! Conflict avoidance means just that: avoiding conflict. If you feel that you might be in physical danger, you need to get out of there. If you feel like someone is following you, walk into the next open business ,or move to the opposite side of the street. If you are driving, make two or three right turns, and then check to see if you are still being followed. Drive to a well lighted area. Drive to a Police Station or Fire Department. If you are convinced that you are being followed, DO NOT DRIVE HOME! Call 911 and report what is going on, give them your location and direction of travel. If you can, give them a description of your vehicle and the vehicle following you. Do not get yourself into a high speed chase. If you see a police car, sound your horn and drive toward them! If you are walking, use the same tactics. If at night, use your flashlight to get the police’s attention. If needed, use it to blind the creep and run. You do carry a good flash light, don’t you? Today’s lights are a hundred times more powerful than just a few years ago, and the prices have come down dramatically. I just got one with 600 lumens from Amazon for less than $15.

If you are a CCW license holder, your gun is not a replacement for good common sense. Your gun is not magical, and your permit to carry doesn’t make you a superhero. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t go anywhere with your gun that you would not go without it.

I don’t carry a gun so I can go into bad places. I carry a gun because sometimes bad things happen to good people. In short, if you have plans to go somewhere, and you think you’re going to need a gun, cancel your plans. Watch out for who is watching you.

Paul Foreman
Retired Deputy Sheriff, Lee County Florida.
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.?
Paul can be reached through e-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com

2-19-2016 12-25-07 PMI am about the most “pro gun, Pro 2nd Amendment” guy around. I fully believe in our Constitutional right to self defense. I also believe that citizens who have firearms MUST keep those guns stored in a secure manner. Secure, in this case, means that absolutely NO person can gain access to your guns that is NOT trained on how to safely and properly use them.

Are you smarter than a five year old? Recently, a five year old boy found his grandfather’s gun in the grandpa’s bedroom. The child shot and killed his nine year old sister. In doing my research for this forum, I was, at first, horrified that Alabama has no law providing for someone to be charged as a criminal for allowing access to a gun by unauthorized persons. In Florida, there is a state statute in which an adult can be charged with a felony if a child finds the unsecured gun. From my experience as a law enforcement officer there, the statute was rarely used. The horrific trauma which parents of a child face after their child is killed, or kills another child, is just about unspeakable. Most of the time, the State’s Attorney in Florida just would not put the parent in jail after their child was killed accidently.

2-19-2016 12-25-26 PM

When my boys were little, (2 and 4 years old,) I was a State Park Ranger. Now remember, we lived way out in the boonies, 18 miles from nowhere. We had no neighborhood children wondering in and out of our trailer which was parked out in the Piney Flatwoods of Central Florida. I could come in for lunch or supper, lay my gun belt on the couch, and the boys didn’t think anything of it. Now, if I had told them, “Don’t you ever touch that,” I am sure they would have gone right over and touched it just to see if it was hot. Later, I was sent to a different park with other rangers and their children living close by. The gun would be put on a top shelf, way back in the closet. I don’t ever remember telling the boys where it was and they never asked.

2-19-2016 12-26-05 PMI say all this to get this point across. A five year old is VERY smart! If you were a five year old, could you find your parents’ gun? How many times did you go looking for, and find, Christmas presents before Christmas morning? A safe is the best place to store a gun so no unauthorized persons can get it. Now comes the tricky part. If your gun is locked up in a safe, how could you ever get to it in a hurry if some miscreant is kicking in your front door? Even the NRA pistol class, which I teach, says to store guns in a locked safe and store ammo separately. But, when seconds count, and some drug crazed thug is kicking in your door, it’s better to have a gun in your hand than a cop on your phone!

2-19-2016 12-25-47 PM copy

There are some excellent products on the market to solve the “locked up” gun dilemma. Starting with the most economical, there are safes which have easy access by a keyed lock. But where is the key? Can a child find it? Can you find it? A little more expensive are safes with a combination lock. You can set your own numbers, and hopefully you won’t forget them! Another safe, which I think is the one of the best choices, has a Biometric lock. It reads your fingerprints and pops open. Still another safe is opened by a digital signal on a ring or bracelet that you wear. Pass your hand within 6-8 inches, and the lid pops open. You can find these gun safes at most big box sporting goods stores and online. The prices range from $29 for the key locked box, up to $195, for the biometric ones.

Other ways to hide your guns can be behind picture frames, hidden shelves under furniture, drawers with false bottoms, and even magnets that secure your gun out of sight. Just remember, a five year old is very good at finding things he is not supposed to find.

Secure your guns! You are NOT a responsible gun owner if you aren’t smarter than a five year old.
By: Paul Foreman
Retired Deputy Sheriff, Lee County Florida.
NRA Certified Instructor,
Paul can be reached through e-Mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com

2-5-2016 5-19-32 PMI have heard, “Anti gun people who believe if there is a robbery by an armed criminal, a good guy with a gun will more likely hurt innocent people while trying to stop the bad guy.” I will accept that while that scenario is possible, BUT, in fact it rarely ever happens. I am totally convinced that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Many Sheriffs and police chiefs are coming on news broadcasts and telling citizens to get armed and get trained.

For this article, I did some research. Now I am very pro NRA, but I wanted to seek out a fair and balanced set of statistics. So I “googled” the question: “How many innocent victims are killed by armed citizens while defending themselves?” I could not find any such cases documented. One report by the “Gun Owners of America” states: “Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self defense by law abiding citizens.” That is 6,800 times per day! Guns are used 80 times more often to defend lives of innocent citizens rather than criminals taking lives (www.gunowners.org). The lame stream media will never report such facts because the facts do NOT support their anti-gun agenda. The United States is third in murders throughout the world. But if you take out just four cities (Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans), the United States is fourth from the bottom in the entire world for murders! Yet, these four cities also have the toughest gun control laws in the U.S. All four of these cities are controlled by anti-gun politicians. It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data – correct?

2-5-2016 5-19-48 PM

I spent a total of 23 years in Law Enforcement. Today’s officers get much better training than I did back in the 70’s. Today, I am a student of self defense. I am an NRA certified instructor. I read, study and practice self defense with a firearm every chance I get. I am a huge advocate of staying out of and away from trouble. As a Deputy Sheriff in Lee County Florida, I would often be dispatched to various locations which were known to be trouble spots. For instance, a small public beach was a nice place during the day. But, at night, it was known for heavy drinking and the resulting fights. For a guy to take his girl there, it just was just plain dumb, stupid, ignorant or all of the above. The point here is stay away from trouble!

There is the rare, but possible, case where you have done everything right, stayed away from trouble and evil presents itself anyway. Last issue we talked about the fact that you cannot be the aggressor. If you start the fight and then find yourself losing the fight, you cannot pull a gun and legally defend yourself with it when you started the trouble. You cannot go back an hour later and get even with a guy who insulted your wife or girlfriend. So, before evil presents itself, do what eighteen other good citizens in North Alabama have done recently and get trained to use your firearm, safely and properly.

Give your PIECE a chance! It will not do you any good sitting in a box hidden somewhere in your home. When I give a class, I keep the class size small (2-3) so I can give individual attention. Sixteen of my students have been as novice as can be. Almost ZERO experience. Two of my students were former career military, but wanted a refresher. My desire is for my students to be cautious, but familiar and safe when picking up their gun. If an armed citizen picks up a gun in self defense, but has to stop and think, “Is the safety on or off? Is this gun loaded? If not loaded, where did I put the ammo?” If you need to do all that, in a self defense situation, it’s probably too late. Get trained so whether you pick up a gun for target practice or self defense, you are totally familiar with it. It is a tool and should be NO different than picking up a hammer in your workshop or a skillet and spatula in the kitchen. I can teach you to use your gun safely and properly.

By: Paul Foreman
Retired Deputy Sheriff, Lee County Florida.
Paul can be reached through e-mail at Captureman@PaulForeman.com or his web site, www.PaulForeman.com

1-22-2016 11-26-04 AMHere in North Alabama, personal firearms are as common as farm tractors. I have not found anyone who attacks the 2nd Amendment around here, like I’ve read about anti-gun people doing in other areas. However, I still felt the need to write about “Our Right to Bear Arms.”

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Even our Supreme Court has ruled that In Parker v. District of Columbia (March 2007), the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban on the grounds that it violates the Second Amendment’s guarantee of an individual’s right to bear arms.

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Do you believe that the police are required to protect you by law? That is NOT the law. The police cannot be there to protect individual citizens from attack or harm. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away. In Warren vs. District of Columbia, the court found that the D.C. police “owe no specific duty” to protect individuals from criminal harm. Therefore, the District was held harmless. Ms. Warren and her two female roommates were brutalized horribly after the D.C. police were called, but never arrived to help.

I saw a paragraph the other day which really sums it up. “Oh, so you’re against private ownership of guns? I’ll bet you don’t believe in fire extinguishers, either. I mean, you can always just call the fire department, right?” I personally believe that I must, under my moral code, be willing and able to defend myself and my loved ones. To cower in a corner, frozen by fear, is just not something this “sheep dog” is going to do.

Now, what about the tools of self defense? If someone is trying to kill you, would you agree that it is ok to use a hammer as a tool to stop them? How about a baseball bat or a frying pan? Is it fair for you to use a knife to defend yourself or a loved one? How about hitting them with a coffee pot? Why isn’t it ok to use a gun to stop them if they are trying to kill you? When your life is in danger, does the tool used for self-defense have any bearing on whether or not the defense was justified? Now, let’s not jump to any misguided conclusions. Self defense is exactly that and no more. Self defense is NOT getting even with someone. Self defense is not retaliation for what they did or said yesterday.


1) Innocence: You cannot be the aggressor!
2) Immediate: The threat MUST be right now, not earlier in the hour, day, week, month or year!
3) Proportionality: Your defense MUST be NO greater than needed to stop the threat.
4) Reasonableness: Your action to defend yourself must be reasonable.
5) Avoidance****: If there is a SAFE retreat, you must retreat!
*** Alabama is a “Castle Doctrine and Stand your Ground State.” However, retreat might be the wisest and safest thing to do.


Gun Free Zones: Wow! Free Guns? I wish I could find one of those zones! There are several guns on my wish list that I want to get for free! Gun Free Zone signs should also state, “Crime Free Zone, any criminal is free to come here and attack innocent people, because no one here is allowed defend themselves!” I do see a few “Gun Free Zone” signs around Athens. Those business owners should be ashamed of themselves. I have actually brought up to various business owners or managers the futility of such a sign. The typical answer has been, “Oh, I have no control over that sign, it is corporate policy” or “The owner of the building put that sign there.” Let’s speak up and stop this insanity. All the mass shootings, in schools, malls, theaters and churches have been in gun free zones. It did not stop the murders. I do believe that armed citizen MUST be trained to safely and properly use a firearm, to defend themselves and their loved ones.
By: Paul Foreman
Paul Foreman is a retired Deputy Sheriff. He is also a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor. You can reach Paul through his web site at www.PaulForeman.com.

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12-18-2015 1-55-23 PMThe recent terrorist attack in California has frightened many of us. For several years now, our nation has experienced mass shootings at schools, churches, shopping malls, and now mass shootings by Islamic terrorists. I have been thinking and planning what to do if I found myself in such a situation. After reading advice from the Department of Homeland Security, I have come to my own conclusions. Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” When I first read the DHS “advice”, it basically instructed us to “hide in place, barricade the doors and wait for the government to rescue you.” So much for the advice from DHS!

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Here is my advice, with a legal disclaimer to consult with your own attorney before taking such action. After reading advice from numerous sources, I have come up with my own more realistic steps to take.

1) Escape if you can. Go! Get out of there, even if others are frozen in place. Leave all your belongings BEHIND! Help others escape if they will cooperate. I saw a video of an active shooter in a school board meeting in Northwest Florida. When the shooter came in and announced his intentions to open fire, people in the audience spent time gathering up their coats and purses before getting out!
2) Once you are safe, stop others from unknowingly walking into a deadly situation.
3) Call 911 as soon as possible. If the 911 operator tells you to stay on the phone, cooperate with him or her.
4) If you cannot escape, try to hide out of the shooter’s view. Barricade the doors with anything heavy you can find. Get behind heavy furniture such as desks or file cabinets. If possible, keep an escape route open. Use bathrooms as a last resort because you will be pinned down. Lock the doors.
5) If none of the above will work due to time or situation, FIGHT! Attempt to disable the shooter. Get mad and defend yourself! What do you have to lose?
6) In a restroom, use toilet tank lids or toilet seats, metal trash cans, or mirrors as improvised weapons. Use fire extinguishers, chairs, lamps, broken glass from a picture frame or mirror, heavy vase, broken furniture, scissors, or a glass ash tray. Spray the bad guy with the fire extinguisher and then hit him in the face. Use hot coffee, full soda cans, hair spray, bug spray, anything heavy. Hit him and hit him hard. Your life depends on it.
7) If you have a gun, use it! If you don’t know how, get trained! Just in the last few days I have heard numerous Sheriffs and Police Chiefs advising citizens to arm themselves. GET TRAINED by me or another qualified trainer.
8) If you are evacuating a crowed theater, church, or mall, get away from the center of the hallway. Get next to the wall. You do NOT want to get caught up in the rushing mob of terrified people who might not care if you get trampled. Being next to a wall will allow you to use the wall for support if you get shoved or knocked down. Walls have windows and doors. You might find an escape route. Malls have numerous stores, often with back doors that you can escape through. You do NOT want to get caught up in a mob of dozens or even hundreds of people all trying to escape out the same door. Grab hold of small children and carry them if possible. If children are too big to carry, grab your child’s belt rather than holding onto their arm. The same applies to adults. Grab each of your family by the belt and hold on for dear life.

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12-18-2015 1-56-30 PMDuring the infamous doomed flight on 9/11, the passengers banded together. Todd Beamer was on his cell phone. Over the open phone line he was heard shouting, “Everybody ready? LET’S ROLL!” Pray that you will never need emergency plans, but have a plan! As I mentioned in my last article, imagine various scenarios, and plan for various contingencies that could happen in dangerous situations.

Yes, I must agree with numerous Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. If you don’t have a gun, get one and get trained.
In the next issue, I hope to discuss what to do when first responders arrive at the scene.
Paul Foreman, Retired Deputy Sheriff
& NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.
Paul can be reached through his web site: www.PaulForeman.com

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