1-16-2015 11-02-49 AMI guess you are wondering what in the world I was thinking. Well, I wasn’t! What ingredient do you think I forgot to buy for my trusty banana pudding recipe? Yes . . . the vanilla pudding. So I had to decide what to make for dessert following our Sunday lunch. It was time to put on my thinking cap. I also had to see what my pantry had to offer. The first two things to catch my eye were cheesecake pudding, graham crackers, and a few vanilla wafers. I like this combination in other forms so I decided to give it a whirl. It would either make a memory or a mess.

And, the memories have it! I really enjoyed making it because it was EASY, tasted good and looked pretty too.

The wonderful weather at the time made it nice to enjoy as well. I served it up after lunch, and as we sat and ate on the patio, I thought “God is so good, I can see his handy work all around me.”

Rain or shine, it’s a great day in Alabama.

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3 bananas
6 graham crackers- whole
2 boxes cheese cake instant pudding (3.4oz, prepared as directed on box)
3 cups Vanilla Wafers
1 large tub Cool Whip

In a glass serving bowl, starting with vanilla wafers rotate as follows:

1 cup Vanilla Wafers
1 banana cut in round slices
1 cup pudding, spread evenly
2 whole graham crackers, broken into pieces
2 cups Cool whip, spread evenly

Repeat using up all ingredients, until cool whip is the last layer. Use any remaining wafers to garnish pudding.
By: Shelley Underhill

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1-3-2015 2-22-37 PMWanna spice up the New Year? Try this recipe on for size. I recently had my fill of this culinary delight! As always, I promise you will not regret preparing this recipe for you and your family. Give it a try and let me know what ya think. I love hearing from YOU the readers, and you can email me at shelleysdesk@gmail.com Enjoy!

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12-19-2014 10-47-27 AMOne of my fondest memories of Christmas in and around New Orleans was visiting homes of family and friends near and far around the city. The night always proved to bring loud music, children tearing into Christmas gifts, and lots of good gumbo. It was always the same, from house to house. A big pot of gumbo would be on the stove with a low flame keeping it at just the right temperature for consumption. Each home had a different type, or should I say “style.” Everything from seafood to chicken and sausage gumbo lay waiting to be enjoyed. I myself like the chicken and sausage and want to share that recipe with you, Maybe it will become your favorite too.

12-19-2014 10-47-39 AM

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By: Shelley Underhill

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12-5-2014 10-45-08 AMMs. Clara (my daughter) is at it again in the kitchen…

Not so long ago, I was awakened to the aroma of something baking in the oven. Couldn’t put my finger on what it might be, but I knew it was gonna be good! As I stumbled towards the kitchen, there she was…in full flight. She had a pan of sausage balls in the oven, she was rolling out more, and she had this neat basket lined with cheesecloth to put them in (the basket reminded me of little Red Riding Hood). She was making them for her co-workers. She reported to me that afternoon that they were a hit!

She also shared the recipe with me…HEHEHE. They are very easy to make and keep well in their raw state. Because the recipe made more than what I needed at the time, I kept half of the mixture for later.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. They will be on my holiday menu.

12-5-2014 10-45-20 AM

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11-7-2014 2-23-31 PMSeveral years back, I came up with this recipe on Thanksgiving break. It was a hit with my family and also my holiday guests. Recently, several of our readers emailed me looking for the recipe for this culinary treat. Many thanks for your emails and comments. Let me know if ya try it! You can email me at shelleysdesk@gmail.com. Enjoy!

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10-17-2014 2-56-15 PMSeveral weeks back, just as the cool weather was setting in, I popped in at my mother’s house for a surprise visit. She was not surprised, but I on the other hand was blown away. It smelled just like a bakery!

Sweet potato and banana nut bread were cooling on the bar, and the timer for the bread pudding was buzzing away. As I sat amongst the aromas, mother told me stories of how my grandmother referred to sweet potato bread as sweet potato pone. Keep your eyes out for some more homemade recipes from the heart–all made in my grandmother’s kitchen.

In the next few issues, I will share these recipes with you. I myself will add the sweet potato bread to my holiday menu. Remember to grab someone and make a memory in the kitchen. You will not regret it! You can email your questions and recipes to shelleysdesk@gmail.com.

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10-3-2014 12-27-31 PMSmothered with onions and lots of seasoning, if you’re like me you can make a meal out of a big bowl of squash!

This summer the yellow squash has been plentiful. It’s fresh and tender and low in calories at about eighteen calories per cup. You will want to try it! Go on down to our local market and get you some. Give it a try and let me know what you think. You can email me at shelleysdesk@gmail.com ENJOY!

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9-5-2014 2-34-10 PMThis is another recipe that goes on the “ya gotta try this” list. It’s very simple to make and it will keep them coming back for more. My friend Penny Wallace and I exchange recipes all the time. She recently shared this recipe with me, and my family loved it! In fact I have made it several times. Let me know if you try it. You can email me at shelleysdesk@gmail.com Enjoy!

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