Shelley UnderhillOne of my fondest memories of Christmas in New Orleans, and the surrounding areas, was visiting the homes of family and friends. The night always proved to bring loud music, children tearing into Christmas gifts and lots of good gumbo. It was always the same, from house to house. A big pot of gumbo would be on the stove with a low flame keeping it at just the right temperature. Each home had a different type of gumbo–everything from seafood, to chicken, to sausage. The various gumbos simmered in the pots of each home we visited.

I personally like the chicken and sausage gumbo and want to share that recipe with you. Maybe it will become your favorite to! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2013.

Christmas Gumbo


Las Trojas Cantina

Shelley UnderhillMy hope is that you all had a great Thanksgiving…mine was very quiet. This gave me time to experiment with some new recipes. The first of which I will share with you today. Why I named them Rocky Road Yams; I’m not sure. But ya’ll, everyone that tasted them said, “Make some more!” I really wanted a recipe that would be quick and easy, but also really tasty.

The final result was this…quick, easy and very tasty! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Need I say more?!

Put this recipe on your must try list ! Then, let me know if you make these yams. I would love to hear from you. You can email me at Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Rocky Road Yams


Heavily spray baking dish with Baker’s Joy, then pour drained yams into dish and lightly smash each yam until bottom of dish is covered. Evenly spread sugar, butter, walnuts and marshmallows on top of yams. Place in oven, bake on 400 until marshmallows have melted; cover yams with foil and continue cooking on 350 for one hour. Remove from oven, sprinkle bag of Heath chips over the yams. Re-cover tightly with foil and let sit for twenty minutes. Serve and enjoy!

Las Trojas Cantina

Shelley UnderhillI promise you that if you make this concoction, you will not regret it. I, like many of you, could not conceive just how this fudge was gonna turn out! The notion of Velveeta Cheese being one of the main ingredient just wouldn’t click.

Take a chance and make this fudge for your family and friends; they’re gonna love it. Email your questions and recipes to Enjoy…

Velveeta Peanut Butter Fudge


Las Trojas Cantina

Shelley UnderhillPut this recipe with your keepers! Several weeks back I wanted to make some carrot salad but thought about the calorie content in the mayonnaise that would have to be used in that salad.

As I picked my brain for an alternative ingredient…sour cream came to mind! Yes, I substituted sour cream for the mayo and came up with a delicious creamy carrot and raisin salad.

Creamy Carrot Salad


You can email your questions and recipes to Enjoy!

Las Trojas Cantine

Shelley UnderhillIf you like cornbread and a hint of broccoli, then this is a must try for you and your family. When the weather started getting cool, I had a serious craving for some really good broccoli-cornbread. I found myself on a mission for just the right recipe…

The recipe that follows will please your tastebuds and keep your friends and family coming back for more. And it’s really easy too! Let me know if you try it or if you have any recipes for this type of bread. Enjoy!

Broccoli Corn Bread

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Las Trojas Cantine

Hello Athens Now readers, this week I want you to meet Christian and the fabulous cracker candy he and I made a few Fall days ago.Christian and I chose this candy because it is so easy to make. We usually make this tasty treat at Christmas time, but this year we decided we would add it to our Fall baking list.

We made some fun memories in the kitchen that day, and some really tasty treats. Keep this recipe with the others that you will make for the holidays…It’s sure to be a hit! You can send your questions to Shelley Underhill –


If you like tasty meatloaf, then try this on for size… A few weeks back I wrote about the turkey chili that was cooked in a crockpot and that it would be part of a series that I would be writing about. (Crockin’) I said that the most action my crockpot has ever seen is at Christmas when I use it to heat things up. Well my friends, all that has changed.

Their are a lot of really good recipes that you can do in your crockpot. I am discovering that…one recipe at a time.

My hope is that you will try this recipe and share it with a friend. Be on the lookout for the next crockin’ recipe. I have several that I want to share with you. Enjoy!

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O” if you’re willing to put in the work, this tasty treat is a must try! I discovered this recipe this summer when I was getting my fill of fresh cooked okra. What a treat it was…


Let me know if you try it or if you add or take away anything from it. You can email me at

This is one of several crockpot recipes that I will write about over the next several months. I’ve never really been a crockpot kinda girl. The most action my pot has ever seen is at Christmas when I break out the barbecue sauce and those little cocktail wieners! Well, all of that has changed…

My mom recently joined a crockpot recipe club online and she has gotten some really good recipes from them. And better yet, she has cooked them too. Everything from crockpot bread to meatloaf (which by the way was superb Mom!)

This week I want to share the turkey chili. Again, I have never really been a turkey kind of girl, only at Thanksgiving. But this was so good I just had to share it with you.

Hope you enjoy…Let me know if you try it. Send your questions to



Recently I had the pleasure of creating a new recipe with my friend Lexi. We got together this past week and came up with this delicious culinary creation. It can be used as a side dish or a colorful party food.

It is not only tasty but pleasing to the eye! I hope that you give it a try. Email your questions and comments to