August 2016 Tourism Events

Aug 5th – 6th — Piney Chapel American Farm Heritage Days. Piney Chapel American Farm Heritage Grounds, Elkton Road, Athens, AL. Come celebrate farm life and the…

Publisher's Point

Publisher’s Point: How Long Will Hillary Be Held Up?

What I mean by the question is not, how long ‘til every obstacle in the way of a Clinton presidency is removed, literally or figuratively. I mean…

My Best Friend

What You Don’t Know – Dog Barker

Recently, I watched a documentary titled, “One Nation Under Dog”. I would recommend only watching this with no children present. There is one scene I wish to…

Cooking with Shelley

Cooking With Shelley: Strawberries ‘n Syrup

I learned about this from Ali Turner, who claims it is “the world’s quickest dessert,” and she says it never fails to please. It is perfect for…

World According to Will

Making Sense Of Ukraine

Clarifying moments are usually uncomfortable, but if taken to heart, they’re quite instructive. This week President Obama has had the opportunity to learn from a clarifying moment…

Medical Update

Medical Update – Could The Cancer In Your Family Be Genetic?

Let’s face it; cancer is an unfortunate fact of life. The American Cancer Society predicts that over 1.5 million Americans will be diagnosed with a form of…

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