Fiddlers’ Convention 50th Anniversary Is Set For October 7th & 8th

The 50th Anniversary of the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention will be hosted by the Athens State University on October 7th and 8th. Athens, Alabama is…

Publisher's Point

Publisher’s Point: Casting A Ballot With A Pinched Nostril

This particular Publisher’s Point really is not intended for the people of North Alabama or Southern Tennessee, but for the national and international folks who read the…

My Best Friend

What You Don’t Know – Dog Barker

Recently, I watched a documentary titled, “One Nation Under Dog”. I would recommend only watching this with no children present. There is one scene I wish to…

World According to Will

Making Sense Of Ukraine

Clarifying moments are usually uncomfortable, but if taken to heart, they’re quite instructive. This week President Obama has had the opportunity to learn from a clarifying moment…

Medical Update

Medical Updates – What’s Your Gut Tell You?

“All disease begins in the gut.”-Hippocrates Hippocrates was a classical Greek scholar born in 460 B.C. His wisdom is over 2,000 years old, but has stood the…

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